Wooden keepsakes have a way of making your home decor that little bit more unique, warm and homely. Whether it's a gift for a friend, a new baby or something else, we know the unique and beautiful designs will have you falling in love with them. Here we have gathered our top 3 reasons we love them.

3. Celebrate Important Milestones

Our wooden keepsakes are designed to create memories and celebrate the important milestones in your life. They can be personalised in numerous ways making them a truly unique way to celebrate a special occasion or capture a cherished moment. We make products to celebrate little joys in life and show people you care. Whether it's for a wedding, a new home or your precious first born, you’ll find the perfect keepsake to treasure at Minting Memories.


2. Made Using Quality Materials

Our handcrafted wooden keepsakes are created using only the best quality materials from Australian suppliers. We have spent hundreds of hours testing and trying out different types of wood, finishes and setting on the laser so we can produce the best quality finished product that will last.

The beauty of raw materials is shown in the simplicity of our products. By taking the time to think and hand craft you are left with a much more special keepsake. Eliminating unnecessary design features and avoiding any kind of mass production; every product is handmade, inspected and assembled by hand to ensure it is perfect in every way.


1. Personalised Just For You

We design and create beautiful wooden gifts for you to gift to your children or friends and family from our studio here in Canberra. These much-loved and very personal keepsakes will be treasured as they grow up. When an item is made for you with your name on it, it's much more special and loved. For those with unique names and spellings, they can't often find a keepsake with their name on it. What a treasure!

We're so lucky that we have the opportunity to do something we're passionate about every day. At Minting Memories, our love of design and quest for perfection means every single piece has been specially crafted, just for you. No mass-production here! View the collection of items that can be personalised with your name on it.